ZoneFox | Insider Threat Detection Platform

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We believe security should be for every organization – that it should be super-easy, ultra-reliable and work hand-in-hand with your business, not against it.

You’re in good company

Case Study

Analysis of a data theft

Right now, there are a ton of organizations doing audits around the efficacy of their existing ‘data security’ infrastructure. Why? Lack of trust in the protection offered against insider threats by traditional security controls. They’re just not cutting it – and for good reason.

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Uncomplicated, powerful features

It's hybrid

You can deploy ZoneFox on premise or in the cloud. However you like it.

Lightweight architecture

Absolute minimum impact on endpoints. No user disruption.

Online and offline

So even if the network connection fails, on-node buffering of data kicks in.

Easy integration

Straightforward, no-mess SIEM engine integration.

Detailed forensics

Full forensic and search capabilities based on our simple data model.

Fully scalable

You're planning on growth - and ZoneFox grows with you. No fuss.

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