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GDPR – How To Prepare (Without Panicking)

Scare stories, and ‘fear, uncertainty and doubt’ tactics to panic organizations into ensuring GDPR-compliance is one way to talk about the pending regulations. We prefer to talk about the facts and where your focus needs to be over the next few months in order to be ready for May 2018. There’s still time to get ready – and our Compliance Reporting tool, coupled with some good all-round advice, will help support you.

All About GDPR

Uncomplicated, powerful security at your fingertips

Rapid deployment

Up and running and helping to protect sensitive data within minutes.

Fully automated

No hand-holding required, no drain on resources.

Unique UBA capabilities

Enables you to drill down to identify risky activities, intuitively and fast.

Valuable, actionable insights

Gain a bird’s-eye view of user behavior, rapidly prioritise relevant, high-risk anomalies.

Compliance Reporting

See where you're falling short on - and meeting - regulatory compliance

Network Monitoring

See where your data's going, and where it's coming from

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