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ZoneFox Stops Insider Data Theft

Client Success as ZoneFox Insider Threat analytics saves globally recognised engineering firm from £10m data theft.

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Cirrus Logic chooses ZoneFox to Protect Business

Global leader in semiconductor design chooses innovative ZoneFox to protect revenue, assure partners, and secure global operations.

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Monitor. Detect. Protect.

Introducing ZoneFox, the next generation Insider Threat detection platform, that provides you with instant security analytics for full visibility into user, data, and application behaviour.

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  • ZoneFox Security Integration

    SIEM is only as good as the data it consumes

    Cyber Security evolves as it reacts to the ever-changing threat landscape. This whitepaper discusses the value of correlating security events from a range of data sources and focusses on disrupting a Kill Chain and specifically on the...Read more
  • matrix movie

    Malware isn’t the only Threat on Your Endpoints

    Modern infosec tools are primarily focussed on finding malware on your endpoints but are missing signs of the insider threat. In this post we highlight which areas of concern are missing from your information security strategy.Read more
  • The ZoneFox Insider Threat Kill Chain

    Introducing The Insider Threat Kill Chain

    Insider Threats are typically not sophisticated hackers trying to break into your network. They usually don’t use complex malware or cracking tools to gain access to your most vital information. This is because they can typically traverse...Read more
  • 2015: Year of The Insider

    Insider Threats to Reign in 2015

    A recent article has stated that 2015 is going to be the year of the Insider Threat. 89% of senior IT professionals think that their organisation is vulnerable to Insiders. This article gives you a brief insight...Read more
  • Barclays' Data Breach

    Barclays Customer Data Loss: What went wrong?

    By reviewing Barclays customer data breach, this article gets to the bottom of the primary causes of the incident and provides cogent solutions to similar organisations, emphasizing the importance of real time visibility of data.Read more
  • insider threat

    Insider Threat Series Part 4: Implementing Your Own Programme

    In this instalment, we will provide some information on the best way to implement or improve your insider threat programme, based on some key insights from the FBI, and the practical measures to implement the right policies,...Read more

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