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ZoneFox Augmented Intelligence (AI)

Driven by Machine Learning, ZoneFox AI is the most advanced User Behavior Analytics platform on the market. ZoneFox AI takes only the data it needs, spots the patterns - then rapidly turns your big data problems into valuable, actionable insights.

Market-Leading Machine Learning

Unless your existing cybersecurity strategy includes a solution with an intuition feature, it’s not going to be able to decode someone’s intentions with your valuable data.

Armed with the key elements of the puzzle, ZoneFox AI delivers a superior platform utilizing both machine learning and UEBA on which to bolster your security posture so that you and your team can be incredibly thorough, incredibly quickly, working with only the information you need to rapidly figure out the ‘Why’s’ so you can act as needed.

ZoneFox and your team working together to get to the facts. That’s Augmented Intelligence.

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What makes ZoneFox technology superior?

Our solution is underpinned by our unique 5 factor model. A ‘push’ architecture solution that’s constantly driving data, ZoneFox eradicates the resource-sucking need to transform endless, messy log files into answers by capturing the key information from 5 touchpoints and delivering only the key data around:

  • User
  • Processes
  • Machine/Device
  • Resource – ie file; database; sharepoint
  • Behaviour

It then rapidly analyzes that data to  deliver quick, valuable insights that enable your team to contain the threat and respond as needed.

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No Logs. No Policies.

Most threat solutions make unmanageable demands on your time – never-ending logs for your team to sift through and constant policy-making.

With ZoneFox, there’s not a log or a policy in sight.

No more trying to fit square pegs into round holes, no more missing issues that sit outside current policies … just the data you need to quickly identify patterns, spot trends and support new policies. 

Rapid. Effective. Reliable detection that equips you with the information to protect your data IP and assets.

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Super-quick, ultra-fast, breakneck speed

Just push. The ZoneFox zero-configuration agent means breakneck speed deployment & instant protection.

Your data’s being protected the second it’s switched on. What’s more, you’d expect the insights around user behavior to take days – weeks or even months, and you’d be right – if you’re looking at other threat solutions.

With ZoneFox, there’s no window between collecting the logs and the analysis of these logs. And because we know you don’t have weeks,  we thought we’d better address that before anything else.

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Protect against the Insider Threat

Sophisticated attacker, Unknowing Innocent, Leaver, Outsider and Low and Slow – that’s right, the Insider Threat, or at least some of them. Can your current security tools detect these types of threats, even the ones that sit outside your current security policies?

ZoneFox can, protecting you against the Insider the instant you switch it on by shining a bright light across your network to quickly and consistently identify risky activities. It’s advanced Machine Learning capabilities combined with our unique architecture and 5-factor model gives you clear, noiseless, actionable alerts across anomalous behavior.  

The result? Accurate alerts, and rapid remediation. 

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