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GDPR Compliance – An Overview

Everything you need to know about GDPR

Compliance is a hot topic when it comes to security, and with very good reason. Critical to the success of any security posture, as well as providing much needed reassurance to those whose data underpins the structure of many businesses, compliance has become a necessity, protecting both business and citizens against what many might see as ‘inevitable’. 

At first glance, GDPR compliance appears to be a lengthy and costly exercise – from the cost of structural change within an organization, to establishing new business processes, to ensuring complete control of the data that resides with the company, there are a number of resource-intensive practices that need to be in place for successful GDPR compliance.

Regulatory compliance isn’t going anywhere

 It seems more than fair that as long as people are sharing their personal data with an ever- increasing number of organizations in an ever-increasing digital world, the powers that be have put in place some rules that will protect people online. In short, regulatory compliance is not going away.

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People, processes and technology

To meet and remain fully compliant with GDPR, your security strategy and controls must encompass people, processes and technology – with a key part of that technology including a robust Insider Threat detection capability. Effective Insider Threat management will go a long way toward regulatory compliance with the GDPR.

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