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How ZoneFox can help you meet GDPR

ZoneFox Compliance Reporting

Trying to make sense of the GDPR regulations can be tough, and formulating a response even tougher.  GDPR requires that businesses disclose any personal data breaches to your Supervisory Authority (SA) within 72 hours of detection – something all businesses affected by GDPR are concerned about.

The good news is that ZoneFox helps becoming and remaining GDPR compliant simpler – and breach reporting less complex. How? Our Compliance Reporting tool has been built to help you respond to, and manage, potential non-compliant activity efficiently and effectively, whether you’re an IT security analyst investigating a potential breach or a Data Protection Officer responsible for incident management and stringent regulatory reporting.


Powerful features to help you meet key GDPR compliance rules

Proactive GDPR compliance

ZoneFox will ensure data is protected and processed according to the Subject Access agreement and the Code of (Data) Conduct.

Detective GDPR compliance

ZoneFox will alert if data is moved or sent to an unprotected or unauthorized location.

Reactive GDPR compliance

ZoneFox can identify what data was involved in a data breach scenario and who was responsible for the data breach (malicious insider, employee mistake, 3rd part contractor, malicious external actor, or system error).

To learn more about the specific regulations that ZoneFox can help you meet, we’ve put together a comprehensive support guide that tells you everything you need to know. You can download your copy here.

Simple, reliable regulatory support

ZoneFox provides an uncomplicated, flexible security solution that supports GDPR compliance with robust, reliable protection for business-critical data. Organization’s finally have a simple, reliable regulatory compliance solution that supports delivery around the key regulations:

  • Ensuring robust data protection
  • Testing, assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of your data security
  • Enabling 72 hour breach notification
  • Delivering strong Case building capabilities

… all supported via the ZoneFox Compliance Reporting feature.

Find out more about the importance of visibility around data flow

GDPR Survival Kit

To find out more about how ZoneFox supports your business in meeting GDPR compliance, download our GDPR Survival Kit:

  • Achieving GDPR with ZoneFox – our comprehensive guide on how and what our solution supports
  • GDPR Timeline – what you need to be doing, and when
  • Everything you wanted to know about GDPR (but were afraid to ask) – a Whitepaper
  • GDPR FAQs – what our customers have been asking us – and the answers

You can get a free copy of your Survival Kit here.

Consider a PoV to highlight compliance gaps

With a ZoneFox PoV, we’ll provide you with visibility around how effectively your business is meeting GDPR compliance. Our Compliance Reporting tool for GDPR provides rules to support core areas including the Transfer of Data as well as the ability to quickly investigate a breach and provide  the scope supported by a detailed forensic trail, as well as:

  • Tools to help you create policies by regulatory framework, severity, time to reporting and reporting authority
  • Real time alerting of regulation-specific incidents. The ability to forensically investigate the breach so you can identify whether it poses a substantial risk
  • Tools to help you manage investigations and reporting functionality to support regulatory and management information reporting requirements
  • A breach response countdown clock, to ensure you report any breach to the Supervisory Authority within regulatory timeframes\

To find out more about a Compliance-focused PoV, head over here and talk to us.

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