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How ZoneFox Protects

Unique Machine Learning Capabilities

Using our unique 5-Factor Model, AI analyses data across multiple dimensions then applies Bayesian probability metrics to produce complex mathematical models of user behaviour. These baselines allow ZoneFox to flag deviations from the norm in real time – allowing you to discover previously unknown anomalous behaviour.

To build these user profiles, ZoneFox observes historical and real-time user data to accurately assess normal behaviour. This is the ‘training’ stage, which is fully automated, meaning no hand holding required. It also has a rapid turnaround time, allowing it to start detecting anomalous behaviour in just a few hours.

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Powerful data analytics

By analysing only key data, and by doing it centrally, ZoneFox enables you to harness its powerful data analytics capabilities to provide your team with fast, actionable insights into what’s going on with your data and sensitive information.

It also delivers clear, comprehensive visualisations on all events, not just those triggered by, say, a breach in your security policies or standard practices. We can’t tell you how valuable this is.

The bottom line? You’re able to report on risky or suspicious behaviour that may be indicative of something you definitely don’t want to happen. To find out more about how ZoneFox protects, read our Augmented Intelligence whitepaper.

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