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15 Sep Finance

ZoneFox protects sensitive customer data

The finance sector has always been an attractive target for attackers due to the wealth of information contained on their systems, and the opportunity to steal money at the source. However, certain segments within finance that traditionally have not faced security pressures, are starting to encounter a number of challenges in form of the need to protect the customer and commercial information held on their systems. The regulatory environment is also catching up with them, along with existing banking regulations, they are also affected by new EU regulations to ensure that data breaches are reported quickly along with tough fines of €100m or 5% of turnover if companies do not comply with the data security standards.

Specifically, the Insurance and Asset Management sectors face a new set of challenges. The insurance sector faces the risk of commercial espionage in the form of attackers breaking into their systems as they contain commercially sensitive information that can be valuable to competing organisations. Both the Insurance and Asset management sectors face the risk of reduced market share is client lists leave the organisation when employees leave.

ZoneFox for the financial sector provides organisations with the ability to gain insights into who’s accessing the personal information stored on their systems, providing instant response capabilities to stop data breaches. ZoneFox is also able to help these organisations to track departing employees who may take sensitive client information with them to competitors.

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