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15 Sep Healthcare

Protect sensitive Healthcare data

There are multiple security challenges for those working in the healthcare industry. These challenges apply equally to the healthcare providers and the service providers that offer products to help deliver services rapidly and at a lower cost. As repositories of Patient Healthcare Information (PHI), they are attractive targets for potential attackers, and accidental mistakes by employees mean that the scale of a data breach is devastating due to the volume and sensitivity of the information.

Regulations such as HIPAA in the US or the European Data Protection Regulation contain rules regarding security breaches pertaining to PHI and include details of the level of civil and criminal penalty should these regulations be breached. In addition, they stipulate short data breach notification periods. The impact of these fines are significant and when combined with the reputational impact can lead to a business facing serious challenges.

ZoneFox for healthcare provides instant alerting, allowing your organisation to react immediately to a breach and avoid costly fines. ZoneFox provides healthcare organisations that are subject to these regulations the necessary continuous monitoring, data loss prevention, employee monitoring and rapid response and forensics capabilities

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