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15 Sep Legal

ZoneFox Protects Against the Insider Threat

Until recently the legal sector has managed to stay out of the spotlight and remain untouched by the impact of increased cyber insecurity. The attitude of many traditional firms has been that since they are mostly paper-based, the biggest threat is that of the photocopier. Due to the increased digitisation of legal records, legal firms are now subject to the same regulations and exposed to the same risks as other markets. For example new EU regulations ensure that data breaches are reported quickly along with touch fines of €100m or 5% of turnover if companies do not comply with the data security standards.

Globally the legal sector faces the challenge of ensuring they remain competitive and can assure high profile private and corporate customers that they can keep highly sensitive legal information safe due to the fact that they offer extremely attractive targets to hackers, or insiders, wanting to hit a honeypot of data that could be used for blackmail, espionage, or to alter the course of legal action. For example, the time-critical and commercially sensitive period just before a Merger or Acquisition where the loss of control of certain documents could have a significant impact on the deal.

ZoneFox for the legal sector provides lightweight data loss prevention capabilities for the modern legal firm. By deploying ZoneFox, your reputation and market position are protected due to the fact that you can assure your clients that data containing sensitive legal details will not be accessed by unauthorised employees, and should a breach occur you will be able to immediately track down and stop the perpetrator

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