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14 Jun Cybersecurity

Be prepared for whatever the bad guys throw at you

As cybersecurity advances, so do the cyber threats facing your business. It’s like a digital arms race with data thieves. To stay ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape, you need a thorough network security plan that delivers on an holistic security approach – one that’s uncomplicated, frees up rather than takes up valuable resources, and which doesn’t impact on your employees. And that’s where ZoneFox comes in.

Cybersecurity Planning

ZoneFox bolsters the resilience of your network security by monitoring activities around your endpoints and sending you real-time alerts when there’s anomalous activity. The bottom line? Your existing security posture gets a much needed boost.

Think you're secure? Prove it!

Cybersecurity Training

Once you’ve ZoneFoxed your endpoints, you’ll be able to monitor user activities around your business-critical data, allowing you to identify policies which require tweaking or revisions, or which bad habits need addressed through more regular, ongoing and effective cybersecurity training.

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Cybersecurity Testing

ZoneFox works alongside your existing security software, so there won’t be any clashes or overlap redundancies. Better still, you’ll be able to test the effectiveness of your existing security by auditing its effectiveness, giving you confidence in what's working well while highlighting what's not.

Check out our whitepaper on how ZoneFox fits into your current security ecosystem.

Why ZoneFox

Once you ZoneFox your endpoints, you’ll have a centralised dashboard, allowing you to see on a single screen any users, behaviours or activities you wish to monitor. Real-time alerts of suspicious activity are sent straight to you, either via the dashboard, e-mail or even SMS – whatever works best for you:

  • Eliminate headaches around the insider risk
  • Get set up quickly and easily
  • 360 visibility of risky endpoint activities means swift prevention of data breaches
  • Invaluable clarity around existing security gaps
  • Deliver on compliance requirements

ZoneFoxing your business means that your data has the right eyes on it – highlighting issues before they become big problems. If you’d like to see ZoneFox in action then you can – request your free demo here and we’ll walk you through it in no time – no commitment required, no hassle, no nonsense.

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