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Data Compliance

Meet regulatory requirements head-on with ZoneFox

The challenge of data compliance

Compliance is a hot topic when it comes to security, and with very good reason. If your organisation fails to meet legal compliance requirements, it’s a big problem. Think hefty fines, harsh penalties and even damage to your reputation.

With ZoneFox, successful compliance becomes a whole lot easier – it’s powerful features and smart functionality ensures you’re covered across a whole range of regulatory requirements – from PCI to EU GDPR to HIPAA and beyond.

Data Protection

Data protection laws help secure your company’s intellectual property and sensitive customer data, helping to protect your business from the legal fallout and a tarnished reputation. For most businesses, keeping up with data compliance means improving data protection capabilities. By protecting your data with ZoneFox, you can reassure your customers their sensitive data is being protected and ensure your own business-critical data is covered.

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Compliance and security

A secure network is more often than not compliant - a compliant network alone however is almost never secure. ZoneFox is exemplary at protecting your intellectual property, business critical data and sensitive customer information, all helping ensure you're compliant across a range of regulations - but building your security posture out from a compliance perspective won't protect you from the evolving threat landscape.

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Employees and Compliance

Your employees are a key part of ensuring success when it comes to Compliance. Protecting your organisation's data is everyone's responsibility - security solutions alone won't cut it. That's why it's important to educate your workforce around security - from ensuring they protect sensitive data when working remotely, to how to recognise phishing scams to understanding when they're being socially engineered.

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Why ZoneFox

ZoneFox makes compliance easier than ever before. By constantly monitoring activity across all endpoints, you’ll always remain up-to-date on the state of your data security. 

ZoneFox also enables you to track specific users or behaviours, going beyond compliance to real, preventative security. From your company’s private data to your customers’ personal details, it’s ZoneFox’s constant monitoring capabilities that will help you to address issues before they become big problems – quickly and effectively.

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