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14 Jun Endpoint Security

Take control of the Insider Threat with Endpoint Security

In a nutshell, robust endpoint security addresses the numerous risks that come as part and parcel of the range of devices connecting to your network – pc’s, laptops, tablets etc – and which require more than perimeter security to manage the risks they present. Perimeter security software can work well to limit malicious attacks from outside sources, but they can do little to stop the insider threat.

Powerful, reliable endpoint protection

ZoneFox helps mitigate endpoint security threats by monitoring data flow around your network and generating automated alerts when activities appear suspicious. ZoneFox also highlights the use of Shadow IT – letting your team know when users are employing applications that might pose a security risk and allowing you to take the appropriate action.

With ZoneFox, you’re able to monitor all activity around your data and ensure that threats, whether internal or external, accidental or malicious, are swiftly dealt with, protecting your valuable information before it’s too late.

  • ZoneFox is the most thorough endpoint protection system available
  • It constantly monitors and collects data on endpoint activities, even when the device is offline or disconnected from the network.
  • It’s a no-interference software that doesn’t drain CPU power from the endpoint or slow down processes. As far as the machine or the user are concerned, the software is undetectable – and that’s how it should be.

Check out our data theft case study and gain insight into the importance of endpoint security

ZoneFox endpoint security is a unique tool with a proven track record for outfoxing threats and getting you the absolute best results.

It goes without saying that endpoint security should be part and parcel of any enterprise security posture that looks to protect business critical data against the threats presented by that ever-growing number of access points – monitoring for and mitigating against risky or malicious activities from the Insider actor. And ZoneFox does just that. Here’s how:

Data safety

ZoneFox is your endpoint security - by monitoring activities around your endpoints with ZoneFox (without impacting on the end user or their privacy) you’re effectively securing the handling of business critical data around your organization and mitigating against the insider threat. The bottom line - you get the confidence you’re looking for around the safety of your data wherever it goes, resulting in reduced data leak, robust protection against mistakes or malicious activities, and that elusive (until now) peace of mind.

Learn how Cirrus Logic use ZoneFox to protect their partner data.

Beyond perimeter

Perimeter security alone will never mitigate against the insider threat. Endpoint activity monitoring with ZoneFox tracks user activity around data and delivers robust analytics that will alert around anomalous activities. You can set up your alerts around the activities you need alerted to (lots of data going out; uploads to removable devices, activities around Shadow IT , and so on) so that you can take the necessary action before activities become an issue.

Grab your white paper for a more in-depth explanation of endpoint security.

Security that empowers

You don’t need to be restricting activities, implementing lock-down measures or being super-stringent around permissions when it comes to implementing a robust security posture. Afterall, why restrict your employees when what they need is the freedom that fosters the very innovation and creativity that makes your business a successful one? Continuous endpoint monitoring with ZoneFox means you’ve got a flexible, scalable, automatic activity monitoring process in place that’s overseeing the activities on all endpoints where the (very low impact) agent is installed, 24/7. You get alerts in real-time if anything suspicious occurs, so you can relax and let your employees get on with what they do best - working on your business.

Why ZoneFox

ZoneFox has you covered from all angles. With ZoneFox you can:

  • Minimize the security risk across your organization
  • Be up and running within minutes
  • Get 360 visibility around data flow
  • Take back control over your security policies

What’s more, you get to:

  • Deliver on essential regulatory compliance
  • Gain valuable clarity around your security gaps
  • Minimize the impact on your greatest asset – your people
  • And of course, protect your customers. Priceless.

But the best thing about ZoneFox? It’s the peace of mind you get knowing that your business is protected by the best endpoint security solution around. Of course, we don’t want you to just take our word for it, request a free demo and see first-hand all that ZoneFox can do for you and your business.

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