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Information Security

Are you doing enough to protect your most valuable data?

What is Information Security?

Simply put, information security refers to the systems, policies and processes through which an organisation protects its sensitive and valuable information.


To protect your business, you must protect your data

Most organisations now rely upon customer data for all manner of business strategies – from being the beating heart of the business itself, to driving decisions around spend, to underpinning the foundations of your marketing and the driving force of your product development. The value and power of data can’t be underestimated – if the data dries up, or disappears, then everyone ends up a loser.

To maximise your security, having robust, comprehensive endpoint security in place to protect your business inside and out is critical. ZoneFox helps you achieve this by monitoring endpoint activities across your business network and sniffing out suspicious movement – accidental or malicious – of your valuable information, ensuring issues (such as data breaches) are spotted quickly so that you can respond appropriately.

'Always-on' Activities monitoring

ZoneFox automatically monitors endpoint activities 24/7, recording activities in real-time and then providing detailed insights around data movement across your network. Someone’s accessing files they shouldn’t be? Maybe there’s a user emailing sensitive data to a personal email address? Or another user’s uploading files to Dropbox. Maybe there’s some valuable IP being downloaded to a USB. Whatever it is, if you’re worried about it, ZoneFox will pick up on it before you do and alert you however you need. The upshot? Crystal clear visibility on data movement that provides the trustworthy foundations for appropriate incident response - all without impacting on end users, system performance & already-stretched resources.

Watch our two-minute video on how ZoneFox monitors

Super-efficient forensics

Knowing where your valuable information has been, where it’s going and how it’s getting there is critical to the success of your Information Security strategy. How can you protect your information if you don’t know what you’ve got and how it’s being accessed? ZoneFox starts recording all activities around your data the moment you install it, sending its findings to the server and then compiling a detailed forensics history of all user behaviour on every protected machine (it also does this very quickly). Bottom line? You’ve got the critical info at your fingertips to make key decisions around your information security strategy.

See how ZoneFox uncovered a data theft in real-time

No-nonsense data protection

If there’s a data leak problem in your organization, ZoneFox will spot it and you’ll be alerted straight away. You’ll get insights into how it was leaked, who was responsible, and where it might have been going (and let’s face it, probably nowhere you want it to be going!). Once you’ve got these deep insights into how your organization’s valuable data is being used around your network, you’ll be in a far better position to strengthen your security strategy, implementing policies that are built on real information and not pie in the sky guesswork - and you’ll be able to carry on fine-tuning your information security as your knowledge around data flow deepens.

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IT Security Policies

Information security policies need to be comprehensive without being complex. There are a growing number of devices on your network and an increasing amount of regulations to comply with, yet you shouldn’t have to sacrifice productivity. By using ZoneFox to detect risky behaviour, you’ll be able to spot opportunities for further training, enabling your employees to easily act in line with your security policies and security best practices. Whatever the cause, with ZoneFox you’ll be able to effortlessly spot risky behaviour, putting a stop to it before data loss occurs.

Continuous monitoring

With ZoneFox, all endpoints on your network are continuously monitored to ensure that no suspicious activity goes undetected. And with automated alerts, your policies gain a much-needed watchdog, providing you with complete visibility over what’s going on (and what shouldn’t be going on) around your business data. This critical visibility across activities allows you to, for example, eliminate global access, review what might be excessive permissions, alert on anomalous behaviour and closely monitor high-risk employees (those leaving for pastures new, perhaps) and data – allowing you to protect that data even more robustly. It’s that thorough defence that will give you peace of mind in knowing that both your customers and your business’s critical data are even better protected.

Why ZoneFox

When it comes to the current state of information security, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that threats to information security become increasingly sophisticated and present with each passing year. The good news is that these threats can be kept at bay by using the best endpoint security software in your tool belt.

With ZoneFox, you’ll always have the best practices in place to optimise your information security, protecting both people and product:

  • Constant monitoring to detect all suspicious activity
  • Data and IP protection, ensuring that you and your customers are always protected
  • Real-time events and alerts sent straight to the device of your choice, empowering you to proactively investigate and act on each and every red flag

Want to learn more about how to protect your company’s valuable information? Check out our whitepaper on how to control your intellectual property.

And if you’re ready to try out ZoneFox for yourself, get your free demo and see how easy it is to maximise your business’s endpoint and information security.

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