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Insider Threat

The biggest threat to your organisation's security is the Insider

Beyond Perimeter Security

The insider threat is an issue for any business storing sensitive information, and your perimeter security isn’t going to be as effective as you need it to be when it comes to mitigating against the insider incident. These traditional solutions can’t deliver on the insights you need to stop the insider – monitoring, recording and analyzing user behaviour across your organization – and without impacting on performance or privacy.

With almost half of enterprise security incidents caused by the Insider, it’s crucial to implement a powerful defence across all fronts. By deploying a thorough, intuitive insider threat protection solution, you’ll be able to locate and stop an insider incident – accidental or malicious – before it causes real damage to your business and your reputation.

Case study: Learn how ZoneFox stopped a high-level data thief at a large engineering firm.

Let’s look at some of the most prevalent insider threat hot spots and how ZoneFox could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Data Leakage

What’s coming in, what’s going out, and who’s handling your sensitive data? ZoneFox can tell you. With ZoneFox analytics capabilities you can swiftly identify and answer key questions around data flow to reduce the risk of insider threats.

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Shadow IT

There’s no argument about the benefits that Shadow IT can bring to an organisation - from innovation to empowerment to operational excellence - but it can also pose a significant risk. ZoneFox not only provides insights into new (and potentially unapproved) software operating within your business, it can also highlight where it’s being used and how data is circulating within these applications. The upshot? With identity and management in place you reap the benefits of a harmonious relationship between user needs and operational excellence.

Get insight into the advantage of Shadow IT - and how to manage it

Policy weaknesses

Nearly three quarters of employees say they have access to data that they’re not supposed to see. Business critical data (intellectual property; customer information etc) should only be accessible by certain users, but permissions can become blurred as employees move roles within the organization or leave for pastures new. ZoneFox highlights what’s really happening around your data, not what you think is happening (the unknown unknowns!). This critical visibility around enables you to fine tune your access policies and get back control over their management. Threat mitigation 1, Insider Threat 0.

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Protect Employees

The purpose of maximum insider threat detection isn’t only to protect your business from malicious insider threats; it’s also to protect your innocent employees from false accusations.

True visibility around endpoint activities

Sometimes it can be difficult to pin-point where – or who – a threat has originated from, and whether it’s been accidental or malicious. The good news is that after ZoneFoxing your endpoints, the detailed and historical forensics reporting means you’ll be able to find out what’s really gone on, avoiding the second-guessing and ensuring you can take the appropriate action.

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Prevent Mistakes

Accidental data leaks or security breaches are a big problem, especially when high-level information is involved. With ZoneFox, you’ll receive instant alerts every time any anomalous activity occurs, allowing you to correct mistakes before they become issues.

Get true insights around insider incidents

Not every accusation is justified, nor every seeming accident or mistake, well, just that. But sometimes it can seem that way, especially when risky behaviour or foul play is involved. With a comprehensive insider threat detection system, you’ll not only protect employees from false accusations, but you’ll also be able to implement, update, revise and re-affirm the security policies that your organization and your employees need to keep your valuable information safe.

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Why ZoneFox

With ZoneFox, endpoint activities around your data are constantly monitored, effectively analysed and sent to you based on your preferences – efficiently, quickly, no nonsense. 

Constantly monitoring your business’s endpoint security without hindering performance, ZoneFox stops insider threats in their tracks by alerting you to risky but correctable behaviours, and you’ll outfox risky behaviour before it becomes a real problem.

Once you’re ready to see for yourself how ZoneFox can outfox the insider threats to your organization, you can schedule your quick, easy, commitment-free (and cost-free!) demo right here.

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