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Intellectual Property

The importance of protecting your business-critical data

Data, the new IP

So what exactly is the big deal about intellectual property? Not a week goes by without hearing of the importance of IP and how crucial it is to protect it at all costs. IP makes a massive contribution to our economy with countless industries relying on it to innovate, create and establish themselves as successful enterprises. It’s many things to many people – from people themselves, to the knowledge they both generate and share.

But as enterprise has been impacted exponentially by technology over the past decade, data is becoming just as important as ‘traditional’ IP, if not more so. For many organisations, it’s their data that now makes the world go round – and protecting that data needs as much attention as the protection of the innovation, creativity and people we already mentioned.

This expanded intellectual property remit means updating security measures to encompass  anything that your business relies on to function. In short, you need to be considering new measures that require to be put in place to protect all of these intangible assets.  

Endpoint protection software that will equip you with the visibility around your data that you need to protect your business and your intellectual property. And that’s where ZoneFox comes in.

Discover how ZoneFox monitors data flow around your network

Boost your security, protect your assets

Intellectual property (IP) is one of your business’s most valuable assets, and to protect it, you need a strong defence against both internal and external threats. ZoneFox protects your intellectual property by helping prevent data leak before it’s too late.

Endpoint protection software equips you with the visibility around data flow that you need to protect your business and your intellectual property. And that’s where ZoneFox comes in. Here’s how it works:

Intellectual Property Protection

Find it, classify it, secure it.

Identify your intellectual property – then do all you can to protect it

You need to be able to identify and classify your IP, provide written policies to govern access to – and usage of – your IP, and to implement the technical controls which will monitor activities around that business-critical data.

Your valuable data won’t be so valuable if it gets in to the wrong hands. If your network has some low-hanging fruit that permits potential attackers into your environment – from either inside or external to your company, your data is at risk – ripe for the picking should an attacker have or gain access to where your IP resides.

That’s where ZoneFox comes in…


ZoneFox starts where it matters most - by making sure your existing security is up and running as it should be. Vulnerability scanning means you can find any security weaknesses across your network so you can take the necessary action and plug any gaps (this also means you can prove the ROI - or otherwise - on that security … is it doing the job you thought it was?)

Get insights into how Insider Threat protection really works


Next, you need eyes on how your intellectual property is used across your organization - where it’s going, who’s accessing it, and whether or not you need to be concerned. ZoneFox provides key insights into these areas, drawing from Identity Management and Access controls so you can ensure the right people are accessing only the right data. Better still, you’ll get reports and alerts that you need on actual behaviours that might contradict existing policies, as well as being alerted to anomalous behaviours without you having to figure it out yourself. Time saved. Headaches gone.

Learn how easy it is to monitor process activities with ZoneFox - and protect your IP


Let’s not tip-toe around the fact that at some point your organization will experience some kind of security incident. Once you’ve ZoneFoxed your endpoints, when a breach does occur, you’ll have a full forensic timeline of all user behaviour around your data so that you can decide on next steps based on what you find. Your forensic timeline is easily and quickly accessible, delivering rapid answers that will help you to reduce the cost of a breach and mitigate against a similar incident in the future.

Check out our whitepaper on the increasing need for intellectual property protection.

Real-time visibility of data flow around your organisation

  • Detailed reporting capabilities so you can see what’s going on with your business-critical data
  • Automatic detection and of risky behaviour around your IP
  • Alerts set up around your needs and delivered via SMS, email, or direct via the interface – however you need them
  • And if you want, you can see everything that’s happening on an endpoint in the order it’s happening
  • No time-sucking training required, no additional resources, no faffing around .And you can see what’s happening at a glance – 360 visibility from a single pane of glass with no impact on your endpoints.

But we don’t want you to simply take our word for it. A ZoneFox demo will show you exactly where it can be of most benefit to you and your company’s IP – it’s commitment free, quick and easy (and, dare we say, pretty impressive too.)

Why ZoneFox

Your intellectual property truly is the cornerstone of your business. Unfortunately, it’s this importance that makes it a target for attackers, both inside and out.

One way to get maximum protection against threats to your business-critical data is to boost your security posture with endpoint monitoring, though installing such software on each endpoint isn’t always feasible or efficient.

With ZoneFox, however, that issue is nonexistent. With our super-lightweight  software, all data analysis occurs on a central server, leaving users’ endpoints unaffected and running smoothly.

And however you need to be (SMS, email, dashboard), you’ll be alerted each time a red flag arises, enabling you to always remain up-to-date around data flow across your network.

But we don’t want you to simply take our word for it. Get your free, quick, no-nonsense and no-commitment demo and discover all that ZoneFox can do for your organisation and for your business’s intellectual property protection.

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