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23 Nov
The games industry and cybersecurity

Not so long ago, gaming meant out-of-the-box software played on standalone devices. Now, as virtual and augmented reality takes hold, and as whole new worlds are created (complete with virtual currencies), how does the industry shape up on the cybersecurity front?

22 Nov
ZoneFox joins PwC Scale-up programme

10 weeks is a long time in business, but it also passes very quickly when you’re taking part in the first Scale|Edinburgh program, a partnership between PwC and Edinburgh’s very own CodeBase, tech hub and birthplace of some of the country’s most innovative business brains that have an eye on technology.

Laptop with stethoscope
21 Nov
Cybersecurity and pharma

What do drug companies, growth stage biotechs and startup clinical device manufacturers all have in common? They are in the sights of cyber threat actors.

13 Nov
Join our Webinar: Why Choose ZoneFox

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