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What's next for SIEM?
23 Mar
Where next for SIEM?

Security information and event management, or SIEM, has become a very pivotal element of cybersecurity these days. While SIEM solutions historically have been touted as the premier source of aggregated, correlated, pertinent data for threat detection and alerting, there has also been much griping about the installation and configuration of SIEM solutions and connecting event sources.

Prescriptive analytics, the security analyst's crystal ball
14 Mar
The next evolution: Prescriptive analytics and UEBA

Predictive analytics attempt to predict the future by taking big data, creating a model using machine learning and data mining methodologies. In order to create a data model, you need data. Lots of it.

Empty workspace
07 Mar
UEBA Solutions – What You Need To Consider

User entity behaviour analysis could be one of the most promising new creations in the cybersecurity landscape. The ability to create profiles, policies, and alerts based on a user’s behaviour - NOT traffic patterns - is a big win for the good guys!

White House and Cybersecurity
03 Mar
Just who is tracking the White House’ Network?

With Trump recently firing the guy who was meant to be overseeing White House Cybersecurity, we're guessing there's a vacancy to fill, and some much-needed advice to be imparted. Here's our take.