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ZoneFox Looking to Recruit Partners to Deliver ZoneFox Hosted Service

12 Oct ZoneFox Looking to Recruit Partners to Deliver ZoneFox Hosted Service

Edinburgh, UK, 12th October 2017 – Leading cyber-security software specialist ZoneFox has today announced the launch of its fully hosted platform, and that it’s looking to recruit managed security service providers (MSSPs) to support the launch and deliver a managed service hosted by ZoneFox.

Aimed at the mid-market, where almost a million companies have suffered a breach in the last year (according to a recent survey from Zurich) ZoneFox’s hosted platform will enable MSSPs to rapidly deploy the award winning technology to deliver ZoneFox-as-a-Service (ZaaS). Significantly, MSSPs can add their value-add expertise in order to enhance services to existing clients, and truly differentiate themselves in a market where few other UEBA providers have adopted a hosted model. Once installed, ZoneFox will enable MSSPs to deliver a range of services to create new revenue streams.

ZoneFox  provides companies with a true 360-degree view of their data. The platform does this by  monitoring user behaviour and data movement, both on and off the corporate network, and instantly alerting on any malicious or anomalous activity. The types of insider threats ZoneFox identifies include: IP being written to removable media; tunnelling data through the dark web; unauthorised file access and files transferred via messaging platforms; ransomware and malware files entering the network. Support for compliance and the ability to hunt threats will enable MSSPs to add real value to their clients.

Dr. Jamie Graves, CEO, ZoneFox said: “The mid-market is very much the engine room of invention and innovation. Yet, they face a conundrum; on the one hand, they need to protect their most prized commercial assets, and on the other they don’t have the manpower or skills in-house to manage a robust security posture. We know there is a real market opportunity with these companies for MSSPs, and we’ve developed a hosted ZoneFox specifically so that we can work with MSSPs to deliver ZoneFox-as-a-Service to organisations across the globe.

“We believe that working in partnership with MSSPs, together we can widen and grow each other’s client base. However, this vision will only become a reality if we form the right strategic partnerships with MSSPs. Therefore, over the next quarter, the aim is to on-board key, strategically aligned MSSPs across the globe,” Graves continued.

With ZoneFox, MSSPs can deliver rapid insights and identify threats before they escalate into a major security incident. Hosted on Amazon Web Services, this delivers a highly secure environment and means that organisations don’t have to set up their own private cloud. Extensive testing has been undertaken by a third-party penetration testing agency to make hosted ZoneFox the most secure environment possible. Additionally, data is encrypted whilst in transit and at rest across a network architecture that isolates customers from each other.  


Interested in becoming a ZoneFox MSSP? Find out more here.


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Matt Little

Matt Little is the CTO at ZoneFox after previously working in the hi-tech software, consultancy and financial services sectors for over 15 years. He has a BSc Honours degree in Computer Science, and with his experience he brings a strong strategic and management focus to the engineering team.