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ZoneFox named as Top UEBA Provider

08 Aug ZoneFox named as Top UEBA Provider

We’re thrilled to announce that we have been named as top UEBA provider in E-Security Planet’s latest vendor review!

UEBA (user and entity behaviour analytics) is possibly one of the most promising new technologies in the cybersecurity landscape for organizations that want to add advanced analytics or machine learning capabilities to their IT security arsenal, bolstering their security posture with insights that other solutions simply can’t provide.

In a nutshell, User and entity behaviour analytics solutions provide enhanced detection, analysis, prioritization and response capabilities when it comes to threat mitigation.

ZoneFox monitors events on an organization’s systems to develop a behavioural baseline – and then alerts based on behavioural anomalies. Providing key data around users, processes, the endpoint, type of resource (file, database, application, etc.), and behaviour, security teams are provided with actionable insights that enable rapid response – no logs to collect and parse, and no delay before analysis. The result – strong threat defence around your business-critical data. You can find out more about choosing a UEBA solution here.

To be included in E-Security Planet’s buying guide, the following criteria had to be met:

  • The ability to monitor and analyze the behaviour of users and other entities
  • Capable of Detecting anomalous behaviour that could indicate an insider attack or compromise of user credentials
  • Use advanced analytics to detect multiple kinds of threats
  • Offer the ability to correlate multiple anomalous activities that could be related to a single security incident
  • Provide real time or near-real time performance

… No small feat! The advent of UEBA solutions has the potential to be a major game-changer for security teams everywhere. And while there will still be some kinks that need to be ironed out organizationally before UEBA can automatically mitigate threats, the advantages it delivers have the potential to be huge.

To explore more about ZoneFox and how we’re helping organizations around the globe protect their business-critical data through the use of UEBA,  download our free whitepaper! Alternatively, contact us to arrange a superfast 20 minute online demo and see first-hand what where we can support your security ecosystem.

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Matt Little

Matt Little is the CTO at ZoneFox after previously working in the hi-tech software, consultancy and financial services sectors for over 15 years. He has a BSc Honours degree in Computer Science, and with his experience he brings a strong strategic and management focus to the engineering team.