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The ability to rapidly and effectively detect and protect business-critical data against the most insidious threat – the Insider – is a major leap for cyber security.

ZoneFox solves the Insider problem with it’s patented, award-winning User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) technology. Finally someone who delivers the 360 visibility needed around data flow to protect the sensitive, business-critical data your customers are working with every second of every day, as well as helping to support them in meeting regulatory compliance around EU GDPR and its 72-hour breach notification rule, ISO27001 and HIPAA.

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Your clients depend on you to deliver the most effective cybersecurity solutions, and we are here to help. The ZoneFox Partner Program is a network of key partners  that work closely with us to deliver and support our award-winning cybersecurity and compliance solution.

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What’s in it for you?

Partnering with a market leader in UBA and machine learning security solutions means:

  • A dedicated ZoneFox Channel Manager
  • Flexible solution delivery – on-premise or in the cloud
  • Superior double digit margin opportunities and benefits
  • Access to qualified leads and our Business Development Executives to support lead generation
  • A solution portfolio that creates additional sales opportunities
  • Expert  technical support  
  • Great training opportunities
  • Access to the ZoneFox Sales and Marketing teams as and when you need us – for on site meetings, digital campaigns, events to name a few

And what’s in it for your customers?

Easy. Peace of mind knowing they’re doing everything they can to ensure the safety of sensitive business data and having the tools at their fingertips to act rapidly and effectively in the event of a breach to mitigate damage:

  • Super-fast deployment, instant protection
  • Complete visibility around data flow – on OR off the network
  • Smart insights around user-behavior to enable fine-tuning of security posture organization-wide
  • Customized reporting, detailed forensics.
  • Swift prevention of data breaches – and the ability to respond to the demands of pending GDPR breach notification rules
  • Invaluable clarity around existing security gaps
  • Less time spent on manual data management and protection tasks

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