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The ZoneFox Proof of Value (PoV)

See for yourself how easy, intelligent and effective ZoneFox really is

ZoneFox helps organizations around the globe protect their business-critical data against the insider threat. Our award-winning technology provides 360 visibility of activities around your data – the who, what, where and when – by monitoring user behavior and data movement both on and off the network, and instantly alerting to anomalous activities.

Security posture is strengthened, business-critical information is protected and regulatory compliance is supported.


Why run a PoV?

The ZoneFox Proof of Value is the first step in the introduction of ZoneFox to our clients. During a quick 2-week timeframe, we’ll get your organization up and running with ZoneFox, supported by our team of experts every step of the way. Within minutes your team will have complete clarity around where your business-critical data is going – who’s doing what with it, and who’s doing things with it that they shouldn’t be – accidentally or intentionally.

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Fully supported – from start to completion

A ZoneFox PoV will quickly demonstrate how we make easy work out of big data –  at last your team is delivered the intelligence around how users are behaving with your sensitive data and how that data is moving around your network, so you can take the appropriate action. Time spent on managing data is minimized, security is strengthened, regulatory compliance is met and can be reported on – in detail.

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Simple, accessible machine learning

ZoneFox is committed to bringing our leading cybersecurity technology to organizations of all types and sizes  – technology that delivers valuable, actionable insights to big data. A ZoneFox PoV brings accessible machine learning and UEBA capabilities to your team so that your organization can experience first-hand how easy it is to navigate the complex landscape in which your business-critical data resides. Your PoV will reveal – 

Who – which employees are doing things with your data that are putting it at risk? Do you need to update permissions or review security training – or take immediate action to prevent a breach?

What – what data is being accessed, are policies being adhered to, are there any security gaps you don’t know about?

When – is data being accessed at unusual times? Is there irregular activity that needs further investigation?

Where – where is your data going and should it be going there?  Where is it coming in?

Gain critical insights around existing security gaps

ZoneFox is up and running the second it’s installed, immediately analysing data flow, learning ‘normal’ user behavior and instantly alerting on any deviations. Valuable insights are delivered within hours, security gaps become visible at last – and unknown unknowns are revealed. ZoneFox learns from your team, and your team learns from ZoneFox. We call it Augmented Intelligence.

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Complete Data Clarity

If data is leaking from your organization – or it has the potential to – a ZoneFox PoV will ensure that you’re the first to know. ZoneFox provides the crystal clarity around data activities – how data is used and by whom, how it’s been leaked (if it has), and which user accounts have potentially been compromised and used to exfiltrate your data to places you really don’t want it to be. We can even tell you exactly where it’s going so you can take action before there’s a real problem – quickly, easily and without the headaches.

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Comprehensive PoV Review

At the end of your PoV, we’ll wrap things up with a comprehensive PoV report, and follow-up with a detailed project review which provides the opportunity for your team to feedback on your experience,  to ask our experts for insight and advice around the security issues ZoneFox highlighted, and gain valuable guidance on where to go next. In other words – we ensure that from start to finish, we’re doing all the hard work so you don’t have to.

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Ready to see for yourself?

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