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ZoneFox-as-a-Service for MSSPs

  Powerful threat protection – your way

With the rise of the insider threat, and IT teams trying to do ‘more with less,’ threat-hunting and complete visibility around user behaviour are vital skills now in high demand. Can you meet that demand? ZoneFox can, solving the challenges your customers face with award winning threat-hunting technology through our flexible hosted cloud offering. The bottom line? Powerful security without the headaches – all from a single pane of glass.

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Why MSSP with ZoneFox?

An effective cyber defence strategy should involve multiple layers of technology. Enter ZoneFox – working smartly  to deliver rapid, actionable insights so your team can quickly and easily spot problems and identify potential new revenue opportunities. Enhance your security offering with ZoneFox and claim back your competitive edge, close more business and realise the profitable growth you’ve been looking for.

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All the benefits of ZoneFox – just faster, better and even more secure

Save time, retain clients  and grow your margins with our unique threat detection capabilities and boost your offering by providing total data visibility:

  • Secure your client’s data with complete visibility of data flow – both on and off the network
  • Advanced Threat hunting and  detection tells you the Who, Where, Why and What around user behaviour activities with sensitive data
  • Detect anomalous and malicious behaviour using our best in class User Behaviour Entity Analytics (UEBA)

Proactively highlight potential data compliance  breaches (from HIPPA to GDPR to ISO) before they happen.

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Immediate value

ZaaS can be up and running rapidly, providing superior, automated threat  protection of business-critical and sensitive data – while your clients sit back and get on with the business of running their company:

  • Robust, ultra-secure architecture tested by an independent third party so your customer’s data is safe, wherever they are
  • Network architecture which fully isolates users from each other
  • Encryption of data both in transit (TLS) and at rest (AES-256)
  • Automated, encrypted backups

Seamless deployment

ZoneFox  seamlessly integrates with other solutions, allowing for an unprecedented level of efficiency, and deployment couldn’t be easier – or quicker. Within minutes, an entire stack can be deployed to AWS to any region in the world*, and includes the provisioning of the complete infrastructure and installation of the ZoneFox software – with no human intervention required. Sounds perfect, right?

Your ambition, our software

ZoneFox allows you to monitor and manage as many endpoints as required so you can scale your offering as your clients scale their business – giving you a competitive advantage and flexibility around your offering. So whether you – or your clients – have big plans for growth (or are already in the middle of it) we’ll ensure seamless scalability to ensure maximum data protection – at the flick of a switch.

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In a nutshell?

ZoneFox has been built from the ground-up to specifically address the challenge of analyzing behaviour around sensitive data. From spotting ransomware quickly to highlighting risky users (think uploads to USBs; sharing data via cloud apps and tunnelling data through the dark web), identifying where your clients are falling short on compliance to , you’ll have it covered. If you’re ready to take the next step and find out how ZoneFox-as-a-Service can support your business and boost your security offering, get in touch with us and we’ll do the rest.

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