How ZoneFox support GDPR Compliance

How ZoneFox can support GDPR Compliance

The good news is our progressive UEBA platform has a suite of features to ensure you can become and remain GDPR compliant.

Proactive GDPR compliance

  • ZoneFox will ensure data is protected and processed according to the Subject Access agreement and the Code of (Data) Conduct

Detective GDPR compliance

  • ZoneFox will, alert if data is moved or sent to an unprotected or unauthorized location

Reactive GDPR compliance

  • ZoneFox can, identify what data was involved in a data breach scenario and who was responsible for the data breach (malicious insider, employee mistake, 3rd part contractor, malicious external actor, or system error)

Uncomplicated, thorough Regulatory Compliance

ZoneFox provides an uncomplicated, flexible security solution that supports GDPR compliance with robust, reliable protection for business-critical data. Organization’s finally have a simple, reliable regulatory compliance solution that supports delivery around the key regulations:

1. Ensuring robust data protection

2. Testing, Assessing and Evaluating the Effectiveness of  Data Security

3. 72 hour breach notification

4. Case building

Become, and remain, GDPR compliant

Bolster compliance in line with the new regulations using our easy-to-follow timeline.

Get our handy GDPR Timeline

ZoneFox is trusted by organizations just like yours

With clients like RockStar Games, Zenith Bank and Craneware (to name but a few), we’re making a big splash for a small company with humble beginnings. To see for yourself how ZoneFox can help you protect your business critical data, provide visibility around your current security posture and ensure you’re compliant, schedule a demo.

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